A Short Film by Ben Stamper  

About the Film

"Everyone has a sidecar, some are just more obvious than others."

All of us have psychological and physiological qualities that shape our perception and experience of the world we live in. While these qualities do not define us, we carry them with us like a motorcycle carrying a sidecar.

"Sidecars" is a short film that explores this idea by documenting an unusual friendship between two extraordinary people. Charming and cheeky, Justin is a teenager who has autism and wants to be a "famous illustrator" when he grows up. Lyndsley is Justin's art student who has the patience and optimism of a saint. She also has her own "sidecar," which is a rare rheumatalogical condition called Polymyositis. "Sidecars" is an intimate portrait of two friends seeking identity outside of their diagnosis, while learning from each other how to transform their struggle into beautiful works of art that strengthen and inspire.

filmmaker: Ben Stamper